Ketamine Treatments for Chronic Pain

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How Can Wyoming Wellness Center’s Ketamine Infusions Relieve My Chronic Pain?


If you are one of the 20% of Americans with chronic pain conditions, you might feel like you have tried everything. While opioids have been regarded as one of the most effective treatments for chronic pain, they also have been linked to a high rate of addiction. 

Fortunately, ketamine treatments can show amazing results for helping manage the symptoms you may be feeling from your chronic pain. Ketamine treatments are legal, safe, and effective.  At Wyoming Wellness Center, you will meet with Tracy Richard, CRNA/APRN to go over possible options to help with your chronic pain condition.


We believe that everyone deserves to feel good and be happy. If you are looking for a different and safe pain management therapy, call the Wyoming Wellness Center or go online to schedule a consultation today for a personalized chronic pain management plan. 

Am I a Candidate for Wyoming Wellness Center Ketamine Treatments for Chronic Pain?

You might be a candidate if: 
  • You’ve been formally diagnosed with a chronic pain condition

  • You’re open to attending mental health counseling before and after a therapy

  • You understand that this treatment is outside of the coverage of insurance


If you have been diagnosed with a chronic pain condition, you know how unique and individual the pain experience is. You might feel stabbing pains, a dull ache or various other combinations and forms of pain. Chronic pain can even get worse with time, and the medications used to treat it can come with unbearable side effects. 


For decades, physicians and providers have been limited to the types of medications they have been able to prescribe for chronic pain, with potentially addictive and dangerous medications being the most common types prescribed. 


Tracy Richard and the Wyoming Wellness Center take a more modern, patient-focused approach to chronic pain management with ketamine therapy, Buprenorphine therapy, 5-point ear acupuncture, myofascial release, massage therapy, and other non-habit-forming treatment types. 


Ketamine works by blocking specific types of pain receptors in your brain and resetting some of the nerve cells in your spinal cord and brain. Ketamine treatments are more effective at reducing certain types of pain than others.


The Wyoming Wellness Center considers candidates for ketamine treatments for the following types of pain: 
  • Headaches and migraines

  • Post surgical pain

  • Back pain

  • Cancer pain

  • Arthritis pain

  • Neurogenic pain

  • Psychogenic pain

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Neuropathic pain

  • Complex regional pain syndrome

  • Traumatic spinal cord injury


Your provider will work with you to formulate a treatment plan that will help treat your chronic pain and enhance your overall wellness.


While ketamine is a powerful treatment option, it isn’t right for everyone. Your provider may not recommend ketamine treatments if you have a fast heart rate, high blood pressure, certain bladder conditions, moderate to severe heart conditions,  a history of uncontrolled seizures, or certain types of head injuries. Ketamine is contraindicated in pregnancy.


If chronic pain is interfering with your life, call the Wyoming Wellness Center to make an appointment or schedule a consultation online today for safe, addiction-free pain management. 

How Do Ketamine Treatments for Chronic Pain Work? 

Ketamine infusions are an exceptional treatment option because of their long-lasting pain relief.  They are also gaining popularity because of their safety. While ketamine is powerful, it isn’t habit-forming when administered in a safe, clinical environment like Wyoming Wellness Center. We also offer Ketamine Troches (pronounced “trokeys”) which is a sublingual medication that delivers lower doses of ketamine that can be taken daily to help control pain.


Ketamine works directly on the brain by blocking certain pain receptors and creating new neural pathways and synapses. For chronic pain, this can mean relief from some or all symptoms and aid in the healing process. 


Tracy Richard’s initial experience with ketamine has been during her 10+ years of practicing anesthesia as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist. While the ketamine worked as an effective anesthetic and pain medication for her surgical patients, it had unexpected effects: relief from chronic pain, and management for treatment-resistant depression.


This pain relief, coupled with its effectiveness and lack of side effects, has made it a forerunner for non-traditional pain treatment. In fact, the FDA is taking notice and ketamine is on the path to being approved for first-line treatment of chronic pain and drug-resistant depression. 

Benefits of Ketamine Treatments for Chronic Pain 


Ketamine treatments are gaining popularity in Wyoming and across the United States because of they may decrease your need for opioids and painkillers, offer long-lasting pain relief, and may improve your quality of life. 

Decreased Need for Opioids and Painkillers

One of the biggest benefits of ketamine for chronic pain treatment is the decreased need for opioid painkillers. Long-term opioid use can lead to complications, increased tolerance, or addiction. If you suffer from chronic pain, ketamine might be a great alternative to these traditional medications.  Additionally, the relief from ketamine comes quickly and continues to last long beyond your treatment. Ketamine restores neural pathways, which can lead to long-term relief. It also helps to block pain pathways, allowing for relief from pain.


Increased Quality of Life

The relief from ketamine can affect other areas of your life. Chronic pain may rob you of sleep, make it hard to work or attend functions, and affect your relationships. Depression, anxiety, loss of enjoyment, and other emotional factors can be linked to chronic pain. Ketamine treatments are a safe, non-addictive way to treat ongoing chronic pain, while also helping to alleviate the emotional effects of the pain.

Long-Lasting Pain Relief

This relief is long-lasting. Research finds that up to 80% of patients respond favorably to ketamine infusion therapy. 60-70% of patients show symptom relief after just one infusion, while 70-80% of patients display symptom improvement after undergoing a three-week or longer treatment regime. Your provider will work with you to determine a customized treatment plan for your pain management.


The Process

Before Treatment: CONSIDER Working with a Mental Health Provider

It is recommended that you see a mental health counselor before, during, and after your Ketamine therapy for mental health.


Research suggests that ketamine sessions are most effective when paired with various forms of psychotherapy. Change is best facilitated within a structured, supportive psychotherapeutic environment with trained and skilled clinicians who are focused on assisting you with your concerns, hopes, desires, and struggles.


We believe that mental health counseling is instrumental and inseparable in the client’s improvement in overall health when joined with ketamine therapy.

Ketamine therapy may help with your chronic pain, but it is not intended to be a stand-alone cure or substitute for regular care by your mental health counselor and your primary care provider. Therefore, we recommend that you maintain all regularly scheduled visits with your primary care physician, psychiatrist, and /or mental health therapist.  


State of mind and mental health have an incredible impact on your physical health, and we approach your wellness by looking at the whole picture: mental and physical. 


Our holistic approach doesn’t stop there. We recommend that you set intentions for your inner work and make sure you are relaxed and in an appropriate state of mind before your Ketamine treatments and do things that promote a calm mind before your sessions like meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, deep breathing, and/or journaling. 


We also offer additional services at the Wyoming Wellness Center such as 5 point ear acupuncture, myofascial release, massage therapy, and other non-habit-forming treatment types.

Personalized Care Plan

For your initial consultation, your provider will learn the details of your chronic pain, other symptoms or areas of concern, lifestyle, and overall mental and physical health. Using your specific needs, we will create a personalized treatment plan that will help to relieve your pain and restore your overall health and quality of life. We will also be able to recommend other alternative therapies offered at Wyoming Wellness Center that can help you further manage your mental and physical health and wellness.

Relaxing Setting

During your personalized ketamine treatment session, you’ll relax on a comfortable, supportive cot, with a light-blocking eye mask, relaxing non-verbal music, and noise-canceling headphones while your provider prepares and administers your ketamine treatment. A vein will be located in your arm, wrist, or hand and a small needle with a tube will be inserted into that vein. We even have an ultrasound machine for those with tough-to-find veins. Our patients are always surprised at how quick and relatively painless this process is— even those who are afraid of needles! 


If you are nervous or anxious during your treatment, our team is highly trained to handle a wide variety of situations and if needed, additional medications can be administered to aid in relaxation.

Therapeutic Doses

Ketamine treatments for chronic pain relief have a much lower dosage than the amount used for surgical anesthesia. In some cases, your provider may administer other types of medication along with ketamine infusions. This type of personalization and high level of medical care is the benefit of working with our team of providers.  These medications can help improve your pain relief or reduce the minor side effects such as nausea from ketamine treatments.

Specialized Equipment

Unlike most clinics, we use digital infusion pumps to administer ketamine. This means that we can administer a very specific rate of medication, and balance the rate of medication you are receiving to provide the best experience possible. We start the infusion at a target dose to ensure proper delivery into the bloodstream. Should you need more or less medicine during your infusion, the press of a few buttons causes a change in the amount you are receiving within the minute. Our superior results are partly due to this personalization and attention to care from our providers.

Team of Specialists

When you receive Ketamine treatments at Wyoming Wellness Center, you are in expert hands. We have a fully staffed medical facility with all the necessary monitoring equipment. Our team is highly trained to handle a wide variety of situations and provide personalized care. 


During your infusion, you might feel a floating feeling, or tingling or heavy body sensations. Some patients also experience a sense of disconnection from their bodies. This is completely normal and goes away after the infusion treatment is completed. For many of our patients with chronic pain, the disconnection from their bodily pain is a very welcomed sensation! After your treatment and a brief observation period, you are able to return home.

Pricing for Chronic Pain Treatments

We are proud to offer a 10% military, first responder, and veteran discount. 


Required Initial Medical Evaluation for all Ketamine Therapy Clients $250-$300
  • Your consultation consists of a history and physical and is considered an evaluation interview and exam. The investment is $250 unless a more extensive work-up is needed (consultation with PCP, Labs, extensive review of multiple medical records, etc.), at which point your investment will be $300


Investment: $250-300/infusion

Ketamine Intravenous Infusion for Chronic Pain

Your ketamine IV treatment for chronic pain will last for five hours (4-hour infusion and at least a 1-hour recovery), and we require a minimum of three treatments. For most chronic pain patients, we recommend a plan of six treatments over 6 to 8 weeks.

Our staff at Wyoming Wellness Center recognize that every patient is unique and that individual responses to ketamine treatments will vary. Your individual symptoms, needs, and goals of care will determine your course of treatment. 

For most chronic pain patients, we recommend a plan of six treatments; however, we will tailor a plan to you, based on severity of your symptoms, medical history, etc.


Investment: $750 per infusion


Booster treatments
  • After your IV treatment plan is completed, you will come back for “booster” infusions on an as-needed basis, based on your symptoms and perceptions of returning pain. Typically, patients return every 4-6 weeks, sometimes longer.


Investment: $750 per Booster

  • After your IV treatments, you may be able to transition to at-home oral ketamine troche, (pronounced “trokey”).  A troche is a small, waxy tablet designed to dissolve slowly over 10 minutes or so when placed under the tongue, much like a cough drop.. If possible, a transition may be made to troches, which will decrease the number of IV “boosters” you may need.  This will require a 20-minute office or telehealth visit monthly to address any changes and send out a new monthly Ketamine troches prescription. 

Investment:  $50 per Visit (In-Office or Telehealth) + Prescription Price.

Payment Types 

We accept credit/debit cards, cash, or cashiers checks made payable to Wyoming Wellness Center. HSA and FSA health spending accounts can also be used to pay for ketamine therapy services.​ 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Won’t My Insurance Cover Ketamine Treatments? 

Over the last 15+ years, ketamine has been used successfully in treating severe mental health and chronic pain disorders.  However, because it is not approved by the FDA for this secondary use, almost all insurance companies will not pay for ketamine infusion therapy.


  • HSA and FSA Accounts: While you can use your HSA or FSA funds to cover the cost of ketamine treatments, insurances do not yet cover ketamine treatments because they do not have FDA approval yet. 

  • Superbills and Preauthorization: Some insurance companies will pay for a portion of some of the services we provide. You should check with your insurance company representative to find out specific requirements and limitations of this coverage. We will be happy to provide you with a superbill to send to your insurance, as well as assist you in the preparation of insurance forms if you feel there is a chance your insurance company will pay for these services. The hourly rate of $100 will apply. 

  • Working Outside of Insurance Provides Some Benefits to You: Any insurance claim requires a medical diagnosis, proof of other therapies tried, as well as countless other requirements to authorize treatment, and you might not be approved for the treatment even if you are the perfect candidate. Even worse, the insurance company puts limitations on your treatment and care. For example, it determines how many sessions are appropriate for your treatment, regardless of where you are in the healing process. By working out of insurance, we are able to choose how frequently we want to meet, and we do not have to terminate treatment on the whim of a third party, such as your insurance company.

Do I need to stop taking my medication to receive a ketamine treatment? 

Ketamine is an incredible treatment option for many reasons, one of which is the fact that if you are on most antidepressant or anti-anxiety medications, you can continue taking your medication as prescribed.  During your initial consultation, your provider will work with you to make sure that ketamine therapy is an appropriate treatment based on the medications you are taking and your medical history.  


There are a few medications that must be worked around if you receive ketamine therapy. Avoid taking a benzodiazepine (ex. Ativan, Xanax) and opioid pain medications (ex. Hydrocodone/oxycodone) for at least 2 hours (4 hours if you can) after your infusion. 


Lamictal, generic name, lamotrigine is one of those medications. You should allow 12 hours between your last Lamictal dose and the start of your ketamine therapy. You should wait at least 6 hours after your infusion before resuming the use of Lamictal. 

MAOI’s, monoamine oxidase inhibitors, is another medication that requires certain care around ketamine infusions. Some common generic/brand names are Isocarboxazid (Marplan), Phenelzine (Nardil), Selegiline (Emsam), and Tranylcypromine (Parnate). You cannot take any MAOIs within 2 weeks of an infusion.


See our article for more information on how ketamine compares with antidepressants in the brain. 

Why do you require that I see a mental health provider? 

It is required that you see a mental health counselor before, during, and after your Ketamine infusions for mental health conditions.


It is highly recommended that you see a mental health counselor before, during, and after your Ketamine infusions for pain conditions.


Ketamine infusions may help with your depression and pain but are not intended to be a substitute for regular care by your mental health and or primary care provider. Ketamine is a tool to improve your overall health, not a cure. Therefore, we require that you maintain all regularly scheduled visits with your primary care physician, psychiatrist, and /or mental health therapist.  


State of mind and mental health have an incredible impact on your physical health, and we approach your wellness by looking at the whole picture: mental and physical. 


Our holistic approach doesn’t stop there. We recommend that you set intentions for your inner work and make sure you are relaxed before your IV Ketamine session and do things that promote a calm mind before your treatments like meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, deep breathing, and journaling.

What should I do to prepare for my ketamine treatment sessions? What should I do after my ketamine treatment sessions?

Your provider will discuss intake and discharge instructions with you before your treatments as well as provide you with paper copies of these instructions in detail. One of the many benefits of working with Wyoming Wellness Center: we have ketamine treatments down to an art, and we have the licensure and knowledge to back up what we do. We will make sure you feel prepared every step of the way!

What safety precautions do I need to take before my treatment? 

Ketamine has been used in clinical settings for decades and is an incredibly safe medicine. We do ask that you follow these guidelines before any treatment at our clinic: 

  • You must refrain from alcohol, marijuana (CBD if fine), and all other illegal substances 24 hours prior to and following ketamine administration. You must not be using illicit drugs while receiving ketamine therapy.

  • You must tell your Ketamine Provider about all medications you are taking, especially narcotic pain relievers, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, MAOIs, the drug Lamictal, and muscle relaxers. 

  • If you experience a minor side effect while you are at home, you should contact Wyoming Wellness Center at (307-532-3035) or text at 307-338-0446 - Monday-Friday 8a-5p, otherwise, contact your primary medical provider or if it is an emergency call 911 or go to the Emergency Room.


What are the possible side effects of a ketamine treatment? 

Possible experiences during your treatment include changes in mental sensation (for example, a floating sensation, vivid dreams, or a sense of peacefulness) and bodily sensations (for example, increased saliva or thirst, increased heart rate, or decreased blood pressure), these are common and expected. During your intake and discharge, common and rare side effects will be discussed in detail with you and a paper copy of this information in detail will be provided to you. Your treatment will be monitored by a trained and licensed health care provider.

I want to learn more about ketamine for chronic pain. What resources are available to me? 

In addition to our articles regarding the use of ketamine for chronic pain and depression, we recommend exploring the links below for further information. 


  1. The Institute for Chronic Pain

  2. Pain Advocacy Coalition

  3. The American Chronic Pain Association

  4. Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome Association (RSDSA) 

  5. Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Fact Sheet




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At Wyoming Wellness Center, we offer the best possible care in our state-of-the-art facility. Our highly experienced, trained, and compassionate team consists of providers who have carefully considered the research and results of IV ketamine infusion therapy. 


You don’t have to suffer from chronic pain. A ketamine infusion could offer significant relief. In addition to relieving chronic pain conditions, our providers use ketamine infusions to help treat severe depression, severe anxiety, PTSD, severe postpartum depression, and suicidal thoughts. 


Wyoming Wellness Center is your best option for treatment because of our amazing staff, competitive pricing, and love for our patients. Located only two hours from Fort Collins and three hours from Denver, we are also easily accessible to Colorado Residents seeking affordable and personalized relief from chronic pain. To learn if it’s right for you, contact us today.