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Athletic & Clinical Massage is owned by Shaina Chagolla.  Shaina was graciously willing to move her office to our building in July 2020 to enable easier access for her clients and provide Wyoming Wellness Center with a wonderful therapy and spa service. Her services are separate from Wyoming Wellness Center's services and are scheduled and billed separately.

This also includes gift certificates.

Benefits Of Massage

Promotes Relaxation

Reduces Stress And Anxiety

Enhances Immune System

Relieves Muscle Aches And Stiffness

Lower Blood Pressure

Improves Muscle Tone

Benefits Of Massage

Promotes Deeper And

Easier Breathing

Improves Digestion And


Alleviates Discomfort

During Pregnancy

Helps Relieve Tension Headaches

Promotes Healthy Skin

Promotes Faster Injury/Illness


Athletic & Clinical Massage
By: Shaina Chagolla
Specialized Modalities 

15 Minute Pre-Workout (Sports) Massage - $15

30 min Post-Workout (Sports) Massage - $30

30 min Scar Tissue Massage - $35

30 min Reflexology Massage - $40

Neuromuscular Massage:   60 min - $75     90 min - $100

60 min Lymphatic Massage - $75

Relaxing Modalities

Swedish Massage:   60 Min. - $65      90 Min - $85

15 Min. Chair Massage $15

90 min Hot Stone Massage $110

90 min Herbal Thai Massage $110

Adolescent (10yrs old & up) 

Sports Massage:   15 Min. - $15      45 Min - $45

Scheduling & cancellation policy

Credit cards are now required to book and hold appointments, although clients may choose preferred form of payment after services are rendered.


I understand I must give a minimum 12 hour notice of cancellation from my scheduled appointment time, or I will pay a fee for the missed session.

  • The first time a session is missed, without at least a 12 hour notice, 50% of the scheduled modality/spa session will be charged to your credit card.

  • Second time and any further occurrences of missing a session, without at least a 12 hour notice, 100% of the scheduled modality/spa session will be charged to your credit card.


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