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Ketamine infusions are an exceptional treatment option because of their long-lasting pain relief.  They are also gaining popularity because of their safety. While ketamine is powerful, it isn’t habit-forming when administered in a safe, clinical environment like Wyoming Wellness Center. We also offer Ketamine Troches (pronounced “trokeys”) which is a sublingual medication that delivers lower doses of ketamine that can be taken daily to help control pain.


Ketamine works directly on the brain by blocking certain pain receptors and creating new neural pathways and synapses. For chronic pain, this can mean relief from some or all symptoms and aid in the healing process. 

Tracy Richard’s initial experience with ketamine has been during her 11+ years of practicing anesthesia as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist. While the ketamine worked as an effective anesthetic and pain medication for her surgical patients, it had unexpected effects: relief from chronic pain, and management for treatment-resistant depression.


This pain relief, coupled with its effectiveness and lack of side effects, has made it a forerunner for non-traditional pain treatment. In fact, the FDA is taking notice and ketamine is on the path to being approved for first-line treatment of chronic pain and drug-resistant depression. 

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