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Very professional, was very open to answer questions. Very clean. And it is also nice to have Tracy follow up personally about the procedure. Will definitely be going back!

—  Kyle

Automated Spa Services offered by BodyWorkz

Below is a description and pictures of some of the spa services and automated massage services we offer at BodyWorkz by Jamie. 

Descriptions of Therapies

Heated & Weighted Neck and Shoulder Aromatherapy Wrap

Indulge in the embracing comfort of our Aromatherapy Weighted and Heated Neck and Shoulder Wraps. They gently heat your tense neck and shoulder muscles allowing you to let the cares of the day melt away!

Naipo Aromatherapy Foot Sauna with Massage

Our Naipo Foot Sauna Massage machines offer the soothing benefits of an aromatherapy sauna with the added relaxation of massage to your aching, tired, and sore feet. Your feet deserve some TLC!

Aromatherapy Foot Spa with Massage & Heat

We offer 2 different comforting Aromatherapy Foot Massage Baths; each has a slightly different type of foot massage mechanism.  They both have relaxing bubbles with adjustable heating. One also offers jets and is remote controlled.

Ionic Foot Detoxification

If you want to add an Ionic Detoxification experience to your massaging foot spa just say the word! This detoxification process lasts about 20 mins and is said to have many health benefits. Some are listed below:

  • Liver, Kidney & Parasite Cleansing

  • Purifying Blood & Lymph System

  • Enhancing the Immune System

  • Increasing Oxygen to the Body

  • Purging of Heavy Metals

  • Reducing Inflammation

  • Detoxifying the Liver

  • Balancing your pH

  • Improving Sleep

  • Purging Yeast

Naipo Neck & Back and Hip Massager with Heat

Our Naipo Neck & Back massager with heat imitates the massage skills of a professional masseur to perform a shiatsu deep kneading massage on the neck and back for ultimate stress relief. The soothing heat option (104-114.8℉) helps to loosen any muscle stiffness.

Adjustable Neck Massage - The massage cushion best suits people between 63 inches and 70.9 inches and comes with 4 neck massage nodes which allow height adjustments of up to 4.3 inches, while offering a relaxing, kneading neck massage.

Pinpoint Back Massage - 4 back kneading massage nodes travel up and down with 3 modes: upper, lower, and full back; This chair massager can also “Target” specific back areas to fully satisfy your massage needs.

Hip Vibration Massage - Choose a vibration function among 3 levels to shake your hips and thighs to relieve tension and muscle tightness.

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