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Patient Financing Options

Ketamine is approved by the FDA as an anesthetic agent and has been used for well over 60 years safely and effectively.  Sadly, ketamine infusion therapy is not approved by the FDA for the treatment of mental health or chronic pain conditions.  Over the last 15+ years, ketamine has been used successfully in treating mental health and chronic pain disorders.  However, because it is not approved by the FDA for this secondary use, almost all insurance companies will not pay for ketamine infusion therapy.

Because of this, ketamine infusion therapy is an out of pocket expense for our patients.  Wyoming Wellness Center has researched and put together a patient financing page, listing and explaining the options available to patients in securing financing for their therapy.

Wyoming Wellness Center has done our best to offer the lowest prices available to our patients.  We require payment for each infusion on the day of service for that infusion.  Wyoming Wellness Center will accept cash, cashier’s check, debit card, or most other secured credit cards for payment of services. 

We value our patients’ time and money! We will provide our patients the most professional, safe, compassionate, and cost-effective treatments available!

HSA & FSA Healthcare Spending Accounts

We have researched the option of spending your HSA and FSA healthcare accounts to pay for Ketamine infusion therapy. It appears from our research that those funds can be used to cover this medical treatment!


If you choose to use your HSA or FSA funds they may request some information from you, like a detailed explanation of the therapy you received and a form filled out by WWC and your healthcare provider stating the necessity of this treatment. We will help you acquire these forms and provide you with a detailed explanation of your treatment, if that request is made of you. We are here to help you in any way possible! 

Advance Care

0% Non-Deferred Interest for 14 months

Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 6.01.26 PM.png

Wells Fargo Platinum

0% Interest for 18 Months Credit Card

Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 6.04.01 PM.png


Low Interest Loan

Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 6.09.23 PM.png


Low Interest Loan

Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 6.12.05 PM.png

My Medical Funding

Low Interest Loan for poor credit

Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 6.20.09 PM.png


0% Deferred Interest or Low Interest Loans

Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 6.23.19 PM.png

FICO® Score Ranges:

Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 6.27.49 PM.png

Credit Score


% of People



Very Poor


Credit Applicants may be required to pay a fee or deposit, and applicants with this rating may not be approved for credit at all.




Applicants with scores in this range are considered to be subprime borrowers.




Only 8% of applicants in this score range are likely to become seriously delinquent in the future.


Very Good


Applicants with scores here are likely to receive better than average rates from lenders.




Applicants with scores in this range are at the top of the list for the best rates from lenders

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