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Before Treatment: Work with a Mental Health Provider

It is required that you see a mental health counselor before, during, and after your Ketamine therapy for mental health.


Research suggests that ketamine sessions are most effective when paired with various forms of psychotherapy. Change is best facilitated within a structured, supportive psychotherapeutic environment with trained and skilled clinicians who are focused on assisting you with your concerns, hopes, desires, and struggles.


We believe that mental health counseling is instrumental and inseparable in the client’s mental healing and improvement in overall health when joined with ketamine therapy.

Ketamine therapy may help with your depression, but it is not intended to be a stand-alone cure or substitute for regular care by your mental health counselor and your primary care provider. Therefore, we require that you maintain all regularly scheduled visits with your primary care physician, psychiatrist, and /or mental health therapist.  

State of mind and mental health have an incredible impact on your physical health, and we approach your wellness by looking at the whole picture: mental and physical. 


Our holistic approach doesn’t stop there. We recommend that you set intentions for your inner work and make sure you are relaxed and in an appropriate state of mind before your Ketamine treatments and do things that promote a calm mind before your sessions like meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, deep breathing, and/or journaling. 


We also offer additional services at the Wyoming Wellness Center such as myofascial release, massage therapy, cold laser and ultrasound therapies, TENS therapy, and other non-habit-forming treatment types.

Personalized Care Plan

For your initial consultation, your provider will learn the details of your mental health concerns, other symptoms or areas of concern, lifestyle, and overall physical and mental health. Keeping your specific needs in mind, we will create a personalized treatment that can help you find relief from the symptoms of drug-resistant mental health issues and restore your overall health and quality of life. We will also be able to recommend other alternative therapies that can help you further manage your mental and physical health and wellness.

Relaxing Setting

During your personalized ketamine treatment session, you’ll relax on a comfortable, supportive bed, with a light-blocking eye mask, relaxing non-verbal music, and noise-canceling headphones while your provider prepares and administers your ketamine treatment. A vein will be located in your arm, wrist, or hand and a small needle with a tube will be inserted into that vein or into a muscle (depending on the route of therapy chosen). We even have an ultrasound machine for those with tough-to-find veins. Our patients are always surprised at how quick and relatively painless this process is— even those who are afraid of needles! 


If you are nervous or anxious during your treatment, our team is highly trained to handle a wide variety of situations and if needed, additional medications can be administered to aid in relaxation.

Therapeutic Doses

Ketamine for mental health treatments has a much lower dosage than the amount used for surgical anesthesia. In some cases, your provider may administer other types of medication along with ketamine infusions to aid in the treatment or help to prevent unwanted side effects. These medications can help reduce minor side effects such as nausea from ketamine treatments. This type of personalization and high level of medical care is the benefit of working with our team of providers and staff!

Specialized Equipment

Unlike most clinics, we use digital infusion pumps to administer ketamine. This means that we can administer a very specific rate of medication, and balance the rate of medication you are receiving to provide the best experience possible. We start the infusion at a target dose to ensure proper delivery into the bloodstream. Should you need more or less medicine during your infusion, the press of a few buttons causes a change in the amount you are receiving within the minute. Our superior results are partly due to this personalization and attention to care from our providers.

Team of Specialists

When you receive Ketamine treatments at Wyoming Wellness Center, you are in expert hands. We have a fully staffed medical facility with all the necessary monitoring equipment. Our team is highly trained to handle a wide variety of situations and provide personalized care. 


During your infusion, you might feel a floating feeling, or tingling or heavy body sensations. Some patients also experience a sense of disconnection from their bodies. This is completely normal and goes away after the infusion treatment is completed. After your treatment and a brief observation period, you are able to return home.

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