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Wyoming Wellness Center is a state-of-the-art alterative treatment center for mood disorders.

Main Clinic in Torrington, WY

Satellite Locations in Cheyenne,WY, Greeley, CO & Cambridge, NE

We specialize in Mental Health with IV, IM, and Sublingual Ketamine therapy, IV hydration & nutrition therapies, myofascial release therapy, massage therapy, aesthetics, and many other treatments therapies & modalities.

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The Wyoming Wellness Center strives to bring hope to those in need of treatment for all kinds of mental health conditions, including treatment-resistant depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and severe postpartum depression, by way of Ketamine therapy. 

We were inspired to bring this treatment to our community due to the tremendous success of Ketamine therapy, which has been proven to rapidly decrease – and even reverse – serious depression symptoms, including thoughts of suicide. After researching this novel use of ketamine, a drug we have safely used in clinical anesthesia practice for many years, we were compelled to make ketamine treatment available to the many individuals and families plagued by debilitating mental health conditions in and around our community. 

If you believe that Ketamine therapy might be a viable treatment option for you or a loved one, we would love to help!

Our Partners

Sunrise on Nature
Head Massage

Offering myofascial release, cold laser and automated spa therapy, Bodyworkz by Jamie works to rid you of troublesome pain and tension so that you can feel energized and rejuvenated.

Head Massage

Massage therapists Shaina Chagolla and Morgan Ferguson provide a variety of massage packages and modalities for adults and adolescents. 

Botox Procedure


307 Aesthetics offers facial services help restore that youthful glow you desire. Choose from botox, micro-needling and chemical peel packages partnered with charismatic aestheticians. 

Wyoming Wellness Center is a hub for wellness practitioners to provide their services to the community. These partner's services are scheduled and billed separately. Visit their pages below for more information and to schedule an appointment today

Client Testimonials

Here's what our clients say about us

"Very professional, was very open to answer questions. Very clean. And it is also nice to have Tracy follow up personally about the procedure. Will definitely be going back!"

—  Kyle

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